I, Tacy, the Exhibitionist 1

My Snapshot142Come April 1st, Tacy’s ExhibitionCam goes live on my content-rich site! Openly peep into my cam space, broadcasting a quarter of the day (8hrs) on a mostly daily basis. With this, both video and audio are available, though there will be times when audio is muted. No sweat cuz there’s always text chat. Also, the resolution is like a thousand times better than the Live House I had set up on Rude.com with wider angle. I’m just so psyche to take this to the next level!

Remember you must be a member in order to join me and signing up is really simple. Not only do you have access to my ever expanding library of clips and pix, but now live interaction without the hassle of public chat. This is a great forum to book private webcam dates and even talk with me via phone while others are watching. If you have requests, just let me know and seal it with a tip/tribute. Above all, it’s just an opportunity to hang out and watch me do whatever it is I do. I can be such a show-off… 😉


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