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December 8, 2014: I hosted my first live show on in years, titled Strip Hoop. It felt great coming back, so much had changed. As I was designing the show idea, was the best place I knew to get it done. Basically, I am committed to daily exercise and right now, the hoop is my thing. Due to my duties and stuff, I get caught up and neglect my hoop. This pisses me off, so something had to happen. A thought presented itself to create a daily show, which would include folks that would eventually come in on the regular, which would make me wanna show up even more. I show up, I hoop – Everyday.


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From the start, there were connection issues. My system and’s just weren’t getting along. I need to bring up two windows – one for video broadcast, the other for chat interaction – for the live show. That, in itself, is not a problem, but it’s extra. Additionally, there were internet connection issues on my end like I had not experience before. I was so¬†angry about it, but things smoothed out within a few days, better than ever!

Synopsis: Drop the hoop, drop an article of clothing, at least that’s what is was in the beginning. That actually proved to be more difficult than I thought by Day 2. The hoop would NOT drop, so I made it drop. By Day 3 or so, I decided to change the format to a simple hoop and strip routine.

But then I got bored.

The game gave us something to do. The gang wasn’t interacting with me the same and the chatter dispersed. Even I wasn’t saying much, struggling with small talk – I’m asking little questions, talking about random things, but getting incongruent or no feedback. I don’t know if many of y’all know this, but I am also a conversationalist. Anyway, I’ll figure out something. In the meantime, when you guys come in, I appreciate you expressing your talent of wanking (if that’s what you’re doing) and typing. That’ll be super awesome! Otherwise, I’m thinking things are creepy or something is going on with my audio,smirk

Whew, thanks for that, the venting was productive… After writing this, I get that I am going to resume the show. Mostly because hooping is really fun with friends and I require myself to hoop everyday. Being hedonistic and all, I must have everything I think of to make things even more pleasurable.

Showtime: starting 12/22/14 @ 19:00 EST

As usual, I want your feedback… It’s like lil kisses kiss kiss kiss


UPDATE: The show has been canceled for I am working on another idea… Something dealing with adult toy review and demonstration now that my collection can support a weekly show wink The Strip Hoop show may be picked back up after the New Year.

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