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Confessions are good for the soul… And maybe the groins, too šŸ˜‰

Do you have a different fantasy every time you have solo play? Are there ones you want to act out in real life or are they mostly just for mind play? I’m assuming that you have more than 1 or 10, and if so, you may have ones that fall under either one of those categories. As for me, sometimes the line is blurred, though usually sorted once I’ve experienced them enough in my mind or I’ve done it in reality.


210815There are times throughout the day when my mind wanders into the Great Deep and I think of smutty things I like, or would like, to do. Although I am playing by myself when my mind goes to this special place, I am never alone. Often, my thoughts include flashbacks of camshows, private sessions or remnants of some erotica I read.

IMG_20150530_213430-4Which brings me to the point of my pillowmemo: It’s about confessing what’s on my mind when I take a snap or produce a clip to share. It goes beyond the wee synopsis I contribute when I post content. It’s also about what I feel after an awesome broadcast or an exceptional private session. Whenever you feel moved to do so, I enjoy revelations of what turns you on or what comes up in response to my exhibitions. In between that, I’ll keep you posted on venues and such. Fluid communication fosters intimacy.


Basically, not for lil boys, but for gentlemen – Only subscribe if you’re ready to openĀ ?Ā & go deeperĀ ?


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