NEW SERIES: Naptime Nutt

Before I get started, I didn’t know it was a problem to use the words “nap” and “sleep” in the XXX world. Now, I’m gonna search why * sigh *

Ok, so like there’s usually so much to do when I awake, so I mostly play before I crash. When I’m taking a power snooze, a nice nutt makes it so much more productive. I don’t know if you even have naptime – I just started doing it myself – but, I think it’s healthy to refresh when allowed.

That’s what this series is about.

Each weekly episode will offer different ways to unwind to either gain a “2nd wind” or to slumber well, using masturbation-related mediums. With all of the benefits relaxation has to provide, it can be really nice to spice it up 😉


In this pilot episode, I’ve got just a moment to play and rest/nap before the next set of activities of the day. It had been raining all day and that can make me horny. And it did. Still naked from the shower, I hitched the Q Drill to the wall and turned on my cam. Having live or recorded sex is like a huge fetish of mine, so why not go all out? From the start of the clip, you’ll hear what I mean when I say I was ready…



Random:  Yeah, I know… You could do better, but it’s just a machine. The thought that there was any competition is… Well, so dude. Gadgets are fun, but I love men. 



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