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Many of you might remember my 3 year stint as a RealTouch Interactive model until it went under last September. Just before RTI’s decline, I learned about OhMiBod. While researching this sound activated vibe sex gadget, I ran across a couple others like Fleshlight’s Interactive Kiiroo and Lovense’s Nora, Maxx and Lush. After several weeks of comparing products, I elected to go with the Lovense line. Though kinda grassrootish, this company’s presence packs quite a punch due to the quality of their marketing, customer support and innovative development team which seems to continue to drop powerful and reliable bluetooth enabled sex devices.

Lovense toys are truly amazing, at least from what I can tell from their demonstrative YouTube clips. Actually, I was gifted the Lush, the bluetooth bullet vibrator, a few months ago, hot off the assembly line (beta?). If you’ve been to my room on Chaturbate lately, chances are you’ve seen it in action. In comparing it with traditional vibes, I would say the power is definitely competitive, but the noise factor is impressive considering the power is outputs. Like the Nora and Maxx, the Lush is tip-activated and has remote control capability. Based on my settings, the intensity of this lil thing’s vibration can get quite jarring the better you guys tip. Even on the low setting it feels really nice, like a sensual tickle.


With the remote control access, it’s just a matter of using the accompanying app, Body Chat, to use your phone or I can issue you a link where you have control via your PC. This is so awesome cuz I can really feel what you send me. There are 3 – 5 settings to choose from, so even from a distance you could possible drive me insane. If you wanna add this mode of play during our 1-on-1 time together, whether we’re on Skype or Streamate, just request. I absolutely love it!

Now here’s where things get even sweeter… Get the Maxx. Yeah, click here and learn all about it, then get around 50% off when you order. A few of my guys seems to really enjoy it so far, commenting on the variation of pressure and feel of material. Though they’ve all said the noise factor is a concern, they have concurred that it’s definitely not louder than other devices of its class. With me on the Nora and you on the Maxx, this goes well beyond RTI cuz not only can you feel me, but I can feel you, too. The devices respond to each other! So yeah, we would actually be sexing over the waves… Additionally, the Maxx can be controlled remotely, like the other Lovense products. And for you camguys, I believe it’s also tip-activated.


Coming very very soon from Lovense is the butt plug. Though that’s not my thing, I’m still very excited about the expansion. I’ve asked them about a device like the Nora, but without the arm cuz  sometimes those rabbit vibes don’t fit right. They said that there was no talk about that right now, but I give them time… Still, I think I’d really enjoy playing with that Nora in the meantime, especially with partners. Ooh, I tell you what, the awesome guy who gets this for me absolutely gets first dibbs, like a swag bag of virtual fun… Sex toys makes me happy 🙂



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  • Coconutkisses25

    How do you use the interactive toys on streamate? I dont see that they are compatible with the listing on the website?