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After much deliberation on how I would move forward with some sort of toy review, it came to me how to make it simple… Introducing Tacy’s Toy Talk, my monthly newsletter clip, starting April 2015. Yeah, the idea flowed through so fast that I had set it up as a subscription option before I gave physical birth to it, lol — Nonetheless, it’s gonna be awesome!IMG_20150330_181711-4

That’s because I LOVE toys. I’ve always enjoyed toys and I had bunches of them during my childhood, so it makes perfect sense to me that my interest would evolve to adult toys. I’ve even worked at a few major retail toy stores back in the day. It’s not just about adding a bit of edge for my solo play, but I love a partner that’s willing to play. My affinity brings me to wanting to do even more stuff with them, like demonstrating how much fun they are.

With this subscription, you’ll have access to unique video issue each month. Not only do I present a review of the featured product, but also how it works on me. To thank you for your enrollment, you will receive a downloadable private 10-pic selfie set, Big Red 9″ 😉



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